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Ultimatte AdvantEdge Software Description:

      The Ultimatte AdvantEdge plugin is compatible with all of the major editing and compositing applications.

      Now you can combine multiple frame images, video, and stills, in just minutes.  Fine hair detail, water, shadows, smoke, glass, and reflections...even in blurred edges.  All composited flawlessly and automatically with Ultimatte AdvantEdge.

      Our AdvantEdge plug-in for Adobe, Apple, Avid, Eyeon, and Autodesk, offers an unparalleled method of combining multi-frame images to produce a composited sequence of images.

      Mouse-over the image below to see the composited view.

Blue Screen Compositing Sample - Courtesy of Virtualsets.com

      The plugin allows you to achieve realistic-looking composited scenes that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible, or impractical.  Ultimatte AdvantEdge lets you place your talent in any situation without the expense of transporting them and their entourage to a location shoot.

      The software is focused on blue screen and green screen, but will allow any color to be selected as the screen color.

      The dowloaded Ultimatte AdvantEdge plugin will work the same as the full version, except the free version will have watermarks over all of the composited content.  When you purchase the plugin, there is no need to re-install.  Simply attach the USB security key (looks like a small USB flash drive).  When the security key is plugged into the USB port on computer, the watermarks will not be there.


Purchase Ultimatte AdvantEdge or Ultimatte RT
direct from the lowest-priced Authorized Reseller

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